About ADRX Medical

Learn more about our products and how they were developed

These products were developed after many years of research by Dr. Allen Rosen, a group of skin care chemists, and engineers.

Dr. Rosen is one of America’s Ranked Plastic Surgeons; but, was frustrated by the skin care and surface maintenance requirements needed, with multiple applications of expensive products. Much of what he saw on the internet, were too weak to work as effectively as he wanted, and mostly overhyped by fancy marketing. He wanted something simple! A product that a person applies once a day and would be as effective, if not more, then all the rest. This would benefit people like himself, who disliked the ritual of multiple product applications, and eventually “gave up” on proper skin care because of the time, expense, and effort needed to do it properly.

With the right team, he was successful in finding a formula and patented methodology to create such a product!